Reinforcement Learning

Combinatorial Games. Episode 2: Tic-Tac-Toe Problems in Leetcode and Solve the Game using Minimax

This episode extends last one, where Minimax and Alpha Beta Pruning algorithms are introduced. We will solve several tic-tac-toe problems in leetcode, gathering intuition and building blocks for tic-tac-toe game logic, which can be naturally extended to Connect-N game or Gomoku (N=5). Then we solve tic-tac-toe using Minimax and Alpha Beta pruning for small N and analyze their state space. In the following episodes, based on building blocks here, we will implement a Connect-N Open Gym GUI Environment, where we can play against computer visually or compare different computer algorithms.

TSP From DP to Deep Learning. Episode 5: Reinforcement Learning

This is fifth episode of series: TSP From DP to Deep Learning. In this episode, we turn to Reinforcement Learning technology, in particular, a model-free policy gradient method that embeds pointer network to learn minimal tour without supervised best tour label in dataset. Full list of this series is listed below. Episode 1: AC TSP on AIZU with recursive DP Episode 2: TSP DP on a Euclidean Dataset Episode 3: Pointer Networks in PyTorch Episode 4: Search for Most Likely Sequence Episode 5: Reinforcement Learning PyTorch Implementation