• Chinese full text search
  • Recently visited items
  • Hyperlinked entity info in html
  • Note preview in main window
  • Read desire, rate and series for Ebook
  • Custom Ebook search window
  • Fast search in tag view component
  • Import Code from a directory
  • Auto filling certain fields when adding an Ebook by clipboard content detection
  • Disable Ebook full text search
  • Lots usability and stability enhancements


  • Chinese UI
  • Chinese Manual


  • Full text search for Doc, Ebook and Note

    Full text search can be applied to English content, pdf, html, txt format.

  • Dedicated search hit highlight window

  • Indexing progress bar

  • Splash screen

  • Resizable floating search window


  • Code entity management
  • Insert Link, Image, Code in Note
  • Cross reference in Note
  • Source code editing in Note
  • Code and Math rendering in Note


  • Ebook entity management
  • Global hot keys are extended to Linux and Mac
  • Popup list in search window
  • Incremental asynchonous search
  • New search query in search window
  • Remove Note list mode


  • Note entity management
  • Doc entity management
  • Tag entity management
  • Floating search window
  • Note list mode
  • Note window modes: miminal and full mode
  • Advanced search query
  • Multiple view modes
  • Favourite list
  • Hidden items