ME-Mydoc is free software. Yet you are highly encouraged to register it and donate if you like it. There will be a popup dialog reminding you of registration after 30 days. Your support will make it more powerful and stable.


  • Multiple platform support. Based on Java and JavaFX. Available on all platforms supporting Java 8.
  • Floating search window where conditional query and full text query are supported.
  • Preview of notes in main window.
  • Create notes (memo) in html format with tags.
  • Note editing window in minimal mode
  • HTML Source code editing in Note.
  • Cross reference Note, Book, Code and Doc in Note.
  • Render source code and Math (AsciiMath) in Note.
  • Full text search for Doc and Note. Currently, entities in English and Chinese with file format pdf, html, txt are supported.
  • Indexing progress and incremental indexing.
  • Detailed full text search result window.
  • Manage source code snippets in a syntax highlighting editing window. Supports common languages such as Java, C, C++, C#, Objective-C, Python, Perl, Php, Ruby, XML, Javascript, Bash, SQL, HTML, Groovy, Common-Lisp, Scheme.
  • Import source code from a directory.
  • Global hot keys on Windows, Linux and Mac.
  • Asynchonous GUI design: item listing is incremental and asynchronous.
  • Book property window.
  • Doc property window.
  • Note property window.
  • Launch related file with default application from within mydoc.
  • Associate book with authors, publishers, series and smartly recognize book meta fields by monitoring clipboard.
  • Various view modes:
  • Favourite items.
  • Hidden items.
  • Tag hyperlink.
  • Fast tag locating.

System requirements

  • JRE/JDK 8 1.8.0_45 later required. Download at Oracle Java
  • 4G Memory is recommended.