• Bundle types

    ME-Datum is distributed in two modes: platform independent and platform dependent. The platform dependent package contains the JRE on that platform whereas independent package can be executed on any platform as long as JRE/JDK 8 is installed.

  • For platform dependent package, unzip it and execute corresponding launcher

    On Windows, launch datum.exe or datum.bat

    On Linux or Mac, launch Likely you need to invoke chmod +x

  • For platform independent package, an extra step of setting up java command into PATH is required

    On Windows, set PATH=<your java path>;%PATH%

    On Linux or Mac, export PATH=<your java path>:$PATH. You may need to invoke chmod +x -R <jre folder>.


  • Setup path on first use

Root Operations

  • Create a root and scan its files.

    Menu File ‣ New Root

  • Scan modes

    Two options are: zip, md5. Enabling zip mode allows user to scan files insider zip file or jar files. Note the process is recursive, meaning if any zip or jar file at any level is scanned.

The md5 option computes and stores file md5 but incurs significant performance overhead. To change those options, select File ‣ Default Option

  • Update root property

    Double click a root and the property window will be popped up. Property name, location, label are modifiable.

  • Delete a root

    Select menu File ‣ Delete Root

  • Root context menu


Batch Scan

Batch scan allows user to scan a bunch of roots to save his time. Follow menu Menu File ‣ Batch Scan .

File Operations

  • Right clicking a file triggers file context menu.
  • Open a new tab of specified file

  • Open: Open (execute) file using OS launcher

  • Open containing directory

  • File navigating shortcuts

    Pressing Backspace goes one level up

    Pressing Enter or double clicking a directory goes one level down