ME-Datum is free software that collects your files from any folder structure, say net directory, DVD, USB or plain local directory. There is professional mode requiring user to register. Your support will make it more powerful and stable.


  • Multiple platform support. Based on Java and JavaFX. Available on all platforms supporting Java 8.
  • Scan files under a folder, could be local folder, net folder, DVD drive, USB drive or other portable storages.
  • Scan files in a zip or jar file.
  • View folder structure.
  • Goto container folder or open file directly from within Datum.
  • Search file by name. Wildcard supported.
  • Search file by md5.
  • Mutiple search tasks.

System requirements

  • JRE/JDK 8 1.8.0_45 later required. Download at Oracle Java
  • On startup, Datum consumes around 100MB. In addition, 4G Memory is suggested.

Unregistered VS. Registered

ME-Datum offers free version where most functionalities are offered. During first 30-day evaluation, users are able to run with all functionalities. After 30-day evaluation, these professional functionalities are restricted and user needs to pay a license to get a registered version.

  Unregistered Registered
Inside Zip/Jar N Y
Batch scan N Y
Search file name Y Y
Search file md5 Y Y
Scan with md5 Y Y
Multiple tabs Y Y
Open containing folder Y Y