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ME-Mydoc 3.7 Released!

ME-Mydoc 3.7 has several attractive features.

Import Code from a directory
import code 1

import code 2

import code 3

Enhanced full text search and Chinese now supported

Note preview in main window

Recently visited items

Read desire, rate and series for Ebook and custom search

Fast search in tag view component

Auto filling certain fields when adding an Ebook by clipboard content detection

Make ME-Mydoc unlimited Evernote

ME-Mydoc is a desktop application that is able to run on Windows, Linux and Mac.  Compared to other personal knowledge management app such as Evernote, it does not have intrinsic support for online data sharing.  So are we restricted to single machine usage?  Of course, no!  Let’s turn it into an online data sharing application!

  1. Install Google Drive/SkyDrive/Dropbox/BaiduYun Sync Drive (actually, you can install any online storage with local directory mapping support)
  2. Install ME-Mydoc and configure it such that all data paths point to the local folder mapped by the online storage app. See picture below.
  3. Yes! You can now use ME-Mydoc to visit online data from any Windows, Mac or Linux as long as the online storage is available on that platform.
  4. Note that you must pause synchronization when you are using ME-Mydoc to avoid data corruption.

ME-Mydoc 3.6 Released

ME-Mydoc now supports full text search for English, in pdf, html and txt format.

Screenshot below features the search highlight hit window.mydoc-highlighter


Now Chinese UI and Chinese manual are shipped in the application.  Below is what it looks like on Mac.mydoc-main-mac-3.6

Download it @

ME-Mydoc 3.0 Released!

ME-Mydoc 3.0 is a major release which includes lots of improvements and new functionalities.

The search window can be popped up with global hot key ‘Ctrl+Alt+O’ on Windows, Linux and Mac now.mydoc-floating-win

Note editing mode has been greatly enhanced:

Cross referencing other entities is supported.mydoc-note-trigger-cross-ref

You can click on the entity to launch it, of course.mydoc-note-cross-ref

You can highlight source code and render asciimath in note.  In this way, you are only allowed to edit html source code.  The saved note can be opened by common browser where code and math are rendered as well.mydoc-note-render-math-code

Starting from 3.0, you can collect your favorite source code snippet.mydoc-code

And manage your ebooks.mydoc-book-property

Excited?  Download it and begin to use it!

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