MyEncyclopedia includes a set of applications that help users to manage personal data such as files from multiple devices, documents collected, personal notes (memo), code snippets. At the moment, there are ME-Mydoc, ME-Datum and ME-Backup. They are all written in Java/JavaFX, meaning that they can run on multiple platforms, typically, Windows, Mac and Linux.


ME-Mydoc is an intuitive and powerful personal knowledge management application on all platforms.
Currently, it can manage ebooks, documents, notes(or memo) and code snippets.
Users are able to search by meta data or their content using floating search window triggered by hot key and using a full text search hit highlight window.
In Note, user can cross reference other material managed by ME-Mydoc, insert hyperlink to external sites and even insert code and math equations.
More details, see introduction or manual.

ME-Mydoc screen snapshot


Have lots of portable discs, DVD/CD but don't know where a file is and whether there are duplicate ones?
ME-Datum is a handy and practical application created to assist you in finding and comparing files from local and external storage devices, including discs, net drives and other removable drives.
The main window of ME-Datum enables you to easily establish the root folders you want to scan, being able to display the files each one contains and perform searches based on a variety of criteria.
User can explore subfolders into different tabs, open files in their default software, access the containing directory or search for files of the same size or the same MD5 hash throughout all other roots.

ME-Datum screen snapshot


Have a backup plan but need manual operations? ME-Backup is an easy application with which you can automate the long running backup tasks.

ME-Backup screen snapshot